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Core Values

Our Operations are Defined by Our Core Values

At SantaCruz Metaltech, our operations are defined by our core values—Quality, Performance, and Conduct—signifying our commitment to global leadership and excellence as your trusted employer.







Our identity is further shaped by our unwavering commitment to People and their Safety, Respect and Responsibility, Training and Knowledge, and Teamwork and High Performance.

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We are a Growing Community
Beyond being a Workplace

When you Join SantaCruz MetalTech, You Become Part of a Community

When you join SantaCruz Metaltech, you become part of a community that places a premium on well-being, nurtures respect, encourages continuous learning, and celebrates high performance. Beyond being a workplace, we offer an environment where your skills actively contribute to shaping the future of the industries we serve.


If you align with our values and culture and aim to join an elite group. Join Us.

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